Reid on Nate Allen, Andrews, early impressions

Andy Reid listens to special teams coach Bobby April during morning practice. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Coach Andy Reid held a news conference this morning and here are some of his comments:

On what makes Nate Allen starting material: 

“Nate’s very intelligent. He has very good ball skills. Somehow he got labeled as not being a physical guy. I think he’s a very physical player off of what he did in college. I’ll be curious how he sustains once the veterans get in here and we start cranking it up.”

On who impressed from offensive line and defensive line 1-on-1 drills:

“From a defensive standpoint, [Daniel Te’o-Nesheim] looked good. They all had their spots. [Austin] Howard, [Dallas] Reynolds looked well. Fenuki [Tupou] looked like he was moving around pretty good.”

On progress of signing Brandon Graham:

“Nothing has taken place so far, and he needs to be here.”

On Stacy Andrews:

“It was just a matter of getting confidence in his leg and getting complete strength back because he’s a big guy and the big guys, they gotta make sure they can get themselves bent down there low. You’re talking about a guy that’s 6-foot-7, so I wanna make sure they can bend. You’re just talking about a couple inches off there and people can get under your pads and drive you back. So he’s back in that position where he’ll be very successful this year.”

On Todd Herremans’ foot:

“He had the soreness in it, and so it’s important that we just gradually feed him back in there and see how he does. He missed all of camp last year. I just wanna slow this thing down and make sure we can bring him back gradually and don’t do something to affect the foot.”

On Kevin Kolb’s first three practices:

“He looked good these three practices, but you wanna see it with the rush and the first group both offensively and defensively and see how he does there. I’m expecting he’ll do fine. He looks good so far.”

On remembering Jim Johnson:

“We all miss him. I think all of us in the tent here miss him. I guess there’s a couple lessons you can learn. Time moves on, and it’s a crazy thing. Life’s a crazy thing. We all need to live each day to the fullest, and I think we all learned that from him. If we didn’t know it before, we learned it from him. But we all would love to have him here and coaching.”

On trip to Afghanistan:

“It makes you appreciate everything you have, and you get to kind of see the time and effort and lives that are being sacrificed so that we can have what we have. It’s pretty impressive. It’s harder for all of us, unless we’ve been there, for words to be able to explain exactly what takes place over there.”

On all veterans reporting on time tomorrow:

“I expect everyone to be here.”