Reid: Vick Deserves 2nd Chance

We've found something else Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid agree on, beyond discomfort with making declarations about the quality of the roster in July. (Though both men have been careful to not sound as if they're telling team president Joe Banner to, uh, kindly desist, we can clearly infer from their remarks that they wish Banner hadn't proclaimed this the best group of players he's had.) 

Anyhow, on Monday, McNabb said Michael Vick should be reinstated, without serving a suspension, though of course, that wasn't quite how NFL commissioner Roger Goodell ruled. Tuesday, Reid didn't mention the suspension part of it, but he said he definitely feels Vick should be allowed to return, and will return, with former Colts head coach Tony Dungy helping his cause.

Reid was asked about the Eagles' interest in Vick.

"No. 1, I think he's a good kid. Right now, we've got a good situation at quarterback, so that's not the direction I'm looking at," Reid said.  "I'm glad Tony Dungy's involved; there's no finer person around than Tony Dungy. And Michael, the times that I've talked to him, he's a good kid. I think that combination there will help Michael, and probably increase his marketability there."

Asked if he believed Vick deserves a second chance in the NFL, Reid said: "Sure, yeah. At this stage of my life, I'm big on second chances."

Other Reid highlights:

*Nothing new in the Jeremy Maclin talks, but Reid emphasized that the situation is "day-to-day," meaning nobody is hunkering down for a long fight yet.

*Reid seemed the emphasize the skills of Nick Cole, when asked about whether Stacy Andrews' ACL rehab might keep Andrews from being ready to start right away at right guard. Hard to read the tea leaves there. Reid sometimes likes to give shout-outs to hard-working veterans whose contributions he thinks are being overlooked. Or, Farmer Andy could be concerned enough about bringing Andrews along slowly that he wants to prepare the ground for Cole as your opening-day right guard.

"Nick Cole is a quality starting offensive lineman here, which buys time for Stacy to get himself right. We don't have to sit here and force Stacy into a bad situation, not that we would do that anyway," Reid said. "I think everybody has full confidence that Stacy can do the job. I think that's also good for Stacy, on his end, where he can just ease back out there."