Reid: 'Not the end of the season'

Here is a sampling of what Eagles coach Andy Reid had to say after the game:

"There were some good things and some bad things. There were some things that were close that could have gone on either way and didn't go our way.

On the challenges: Hindsight is 20-20. You probably would like to have those back. They didn't go the way I anticipated . I can't go into the challenges unless you are willing to pay for it. I'm seeing there and then have feedback upstairs.

On the mistakes: We had too many penalties period. We need to do a better job ... We had too many mistakes. We'll get back on the horse.

On DeSean Jackson being contained: "They did a good job of rolling the coverage to him."

On kicking the late field goal: "Listen I thought we could hold them with four minutes left and come back and win the game, but it didn't work out that way.

On the Cowboys: "We knew it was going to be two heavyweights swinging at each other and that's what it was. tough hard-fought game ... They got the better of us today."

On the offense: "I thought they did a decent job of covering us down the field. That's going to happen. You have to work your way through the progression. With their skill up front you have to do that quickly. We could have better plays in there from my standpoint. Everybody had a little peice of it. That's the way it happens in games like this. You gotta keep battling through it."

On Miles Austin's TD: "They had a double move there. Sheldon played a heck of a game, but they got him a with a double move there. It happens."

On Westbrook: "He felt good during the week. He practiced during the week. It's a crazy deal. I know this. If he has those, I'm going to go more on the conversative side and take every precautionary measure possible. I'm not going to stick him out there, even if the tests are positive."

Asked if he felt one got away, he said: "One did get away, but it's not the end of the season." He said the Eagles have to refocus to go to the West Coast next week against San Diego and do better than they did at Oakland."