Reid Era Camp Classics: No. 10

Former Eagles Jon Runyan, left, and Jeremiah Trotter tangled at training camp in 2000. (Associated Press)

As the countdown continues to this year's training camp at Lehigh, the Daily News and Eagletarian have gone back to look at some of our favorite or most interesting events and storylines of training camps and the preseason during the Andy Reid Era. Each weekday for the next two weeks, we will count them down, leading to No. 1.


Published on Aug. 12, 2000

By Junji Noda, Daily News Sports Writer

For a moment, the humid, tropical-like conditions turned into pure chills.

During a non-contact drill at yesterday's Eagles practice, linebacker Jeremiah Trotter and right tackle Jon Runyan tangled and took to the grass field at Lehigh as if it were a wrestling mat.

Quarterback Donovan McNabb looped a pass, barely dodging a defensive lineman, and the coaches blew the whistle, indicating the end of the play.

But the 261-pound Trotter and 330-pound Runyan ignited. Runyan got on top of Trotter, throwing several body blows, and from there, it got chaotic. Most players and coaches immediately tried to separate the duo. Pushing, shoving, screaming and shouting ensued.

The scene was dandy, yet, frightening.

"It's something that all teams go through," McNabb said. "We're all smiling again. "

Said Birds coach Andy Reid: "It's a violent sport and it's late in training camp. You get hot, tired guys and things happen. "

Trotter, along with his teammates, seemed to take light of what occurred.

"Why not get into a fight? Get it on? " Trotter said as left guard Lonnie Palelei approached from behind with a cloth, covered Trotter's head, and jokingly screamed, "Oh, no," pretending to start another fight.

Runyan, seemingly upset and irritated after the morning practice, declined to comment on the scuffle.

Backup quarterback Koy Detmer, one of the closest observers, said it's bread and butter in the world of football.

But when you see two guys who weigh in at almost 600 pounds combined, that's a different story.

"From high school to college to pro ball, we've all seen that a million times," said Detmer, a 195-pounder. "But today's was two huge guys going at it. Crazy. "

Added McNabb: "Well, you know, you want to get into it and maybe come to a clothesline on somebody, or work on your DDTs - do some of your WWF and NWO moves. But in that case, you just relax and wait until it stops, I guess. "