Reid: Bradley a 'stretch' for Packers game

Stewart Bradley was injured during a game against the Cowboys earlier in the season. (Ron Cortes / Staff Photographer)

Asked Sunday if he expected to play Sunday in the playoff game against the Packers, linebacker Stewart Bradley said "that's the plan," Bradley responding to a TV reporter who told Bradley Eagles coach Andy Reid had said Bradley was ready, which Reid did not say.

Bradley suffered a dislocated elbow Dec. 12 at Dallas.

Today, Reid said it would be 'a stretch' for Bradley to play.

"He can’t do anything where you put pressure on it," Reid said. "He’s just not ready right now."

Reid did say that both Bradley and Jamar Chaney, who has filled in at middle linebacker, could be on the field at the same time if Bradley is able to come back. The coach termed that "a possibility."

Max Jean-Gilles has an ankle sprain and has an MRI scheduled. Reid said there was not a lot of damage, and he could be ready to practice Wednesday.

Otherwise, Reid said everyone was good.


On playing the Packers again, Reid said, “Will they dig up some new stuff? Yeah. Will we dig up new stuff? Yeah.”


The Eagles’ defense is ranked lower than it has been in quite some time under Reid.

Asked about that, the coach was sparse on details.

“The thing we’re doing is we’re working as coaches and players to get better at it,” Reid said. “That’s about as far as I’ll go into it. Do we need to get better it? Yeah. Do we have an idea of the issues? Yes. We’re going to go about fixing it.”


As for the situation at right cornerback, Reid was noncommittal, although it would seem that Joselio Hanson has won the job from Dmitri Patterson.

“We’ll see,” Reid said. “I thought Dmitri did a nice job yesterday on both the outside and the inside.”

That Patterson played yesterday, when few starters did, could be an indication that Hanson is now the starter.


The Eagles will take their young team to the postseason, with many players getting their first taste of the experience.

“Everything kicks up a notch speedwise in the playoffs,” Reid said. “We were able to get some of the young guys reps yesterday … There’s no way to duplicate it. You have to get in there and play. Prepare yourself the right way. Exhaust the whole process of preparation.”


On the number of turnovers that Michael Vick has had over the last few games: “That combines a lot of different things. A turnover is not just the quarterback. It’s part coaching, it’s part protection, it’s part decision making, it’s part route running.”

And the high number of sacks this season, “A sack encompasses a lot of things, whether its’ coaching, play-calling, individual protecting, running back or tight ends, quarterback or receiver. Everyone has a little piece of it. The bottom line is we have to do a better job there. It’s the same things with the turnovers.”


The Eagles take a two-game losing streak into the postseason.

So, how important is momentum: “We’ll see,” Reid said, “we’ll see.”


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