Reid, Birds Bumble Chance

    The Eagles would be leading at the half, not trailing, if Andy Reid had made a couple better decisions late in the second.

     The Birds might have been ready to take control when Juqua Parker hit Kyle Orton as he threw and Darren Howard picked off the pass, setting up Donovan McNabb and the offense at the Bears’ 41. But a slow-developing third-and-1 Correll Buckhalter run was stuffed (no QB sneak, of course, though the QB is bigger and stronger than Buck and is standing right behind the center).
     Then, on fourth down, Reid elected to have David Akers try a 50-yard field goal, despite the fact that Akers was 3-for-his-last-11 from 40 yards-plus. Akers pulled it wide right. So the Eagles got no points from the turnover, and the Bears, blessed with excellent field position the entire first half, got the ball at their 40.
     This sequence of events would be extremely second-guessable, particularly in light of the ensuing nine-play Chicago touchdown drive, which ended with a 20-yard Orton touchdown pass to Devin Hester and a 21-14 Chicago halftime lead. Not to sound homerish here, but it sure looked as if Hester bumped Asante Samuel off-stride before he made the catch.
      The Eagles briefly were given a fumble recovery with 11 seconds left in the first half, but video replay showed Orton’s arm moving forward as Omar Gaither hit him.