Reid happy, but says team needs to keep improving

(David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Thoughts from Andy Reid during his postgame news conference:

"It’s always good to win in the National Football League … I was proud of our guys for the way they came out offensively, defensively special teams … We were solid."

On whether this is the team he imagined it could be: I’m not much for imagining things. The important thing is that you continue to improve each week. We have plenty of room to improve. We have enjoy this one and get on with the Bears, who will be coming in Monday night.

On McCoy: He’s playing as well as any running back there is. It’s a compliment to him and the guys around him. The receivers had some nice down the field blocks. He’s tough to bring down one-on-one. He’s just got tremendous quickness and lateral mobility there.

On Celek: “We need to utilize him. I didn’t think we were doing enough of that early. He’s a good receiver. We need to continue to do that.

On taking time: “You see that around the league. Everybody is a work in a progress. That’ s the way our ooffense is, our defense is. The new players are getting used to things every week and continue to build. It’s important that we continue to do that.

On giving the team time off for the bye: They have been hitting hard for 10 weeks. I can’t say a week off doesn’t help you recharge the battery there. Strategically, we think we did a pretty good job. Maybe it helped.

On what’s next?: “As well as we played, we still don’t have a winning record.”