Reid: 'Your job is on the line every week, man'

Eagles head coach Andy Reid said he is only "concerned about is that next game." (David Duprey/AP Photo)

Eagles coach Andy Reid was asked about his job security as the team fell to 1-4 after a 31-24 loss to Buffalo.

“In the National Football League, your job is on the line every week, man,” Reid said.

After his introductory statement and “time’s yours,” Reid walked off the podium when reporters took an extra second to ask the first question. “OK, that’s good,” Reid said.

He then returned, “C’mon now,” he told reporters before answering questions.

“All I’m concerned about is that next game,” Reid said. “All I can control is getting the football team better, the players better and the coaches better.”

Asked if he still thought this was a playoff team, Reid said, “We’re in one game at a time here. That part is not going to change. We’re not worrying about the playoffs. We’re worried about winning one game at a time.”

“We are what we are right now and we’re going to get better … We have no excuses,” he said.

On Juqua Parker’s penalty at the end of the game: “Listen, I’m not saying anything on that. I’m not going to hang one guy out to dry on that play.”

On running a play at halftime rather than attempting a field goal: “We thought we could get one more play off … . I thought we needed to get a score and thought we could get that taken care of.”

On improved play in the second half: “The guys stayed determined made plays, stayed aggressive and that gave them a little confidence, which I thought was important. They made plays.”

On Michael Vick: “He did some good things. He put us in a position to win the game or at least tie the game at the end and we had the interception at the end, but he did some good things.”

On Jason Avant: “That’s not his M.O. He’s a not a turnover guy.”

On what’s happening: “We need to eliminate turnovers and penalties in crucial situations. It seems pretty obvious.”