Reid: 'We're not satisfied with today'

The Eagles opened the 2011 season with a road victory in St. Louis. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Here are comments from Andy Reid after the win over St. Louis:

Injuries: Darryl Tapp has a pectoral strain and Akeem Jordan has a right shoulder strain. Each has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow. No other injuries were reported.

Opening statement: “Wins are hard to get in the National Football League. You see when you check how things are around the league. There’s are plenty of things we need to work on. We’ll do that. We’re obviously not satisfied with today. We can play better. My hat’s off to Steve [Spagnuolo] and his football team. They battled like crazy. They had a few injuries. He has done a nice job with his coaches and front office and they put together a nice football team.”

On a messy start: “You work through the first game and the first part of the season and that’s what you are seeing as you watch the different games … You have to enjoy these things – every one you get.”

On the offensive line, especially early: “They were bringing one more than we can handle. It wasn’t really the offensive line as much as what they were doing. We were just off by a hair on some huge, huge plays. … one step quicker we’ll be OK. They showed us a lot of looks, which we knew they would. That’s a good test for us. We hit a few big plays against them and you need that when they’re coming at you like that.”

On first-game jitters: “I think every coach, everybody’s excited, the fans, you guys, the players, for the first game. You have to work through that and get into the swing, one play at a time. Exhaust yourself each play and get to the next one. If you learn something from each player that’s even better. That’s goal.”

On Michael Vick: “I thought he did some good things with his legs and his arm. He made some nice calls up front to change the protections around. They are a couple of them he’d like to have back too. The one to DeSean, those are the ones that rip your heart out if you complete them.”

On the fourth quarter rushing, including 95 yards by LeSean McCoy: “The guys geared it up and ran the ball well when asked to run the ball. When you get into fourth quarter, you have to grind it out, I thought guys did a nice job with it.”

On DeSean Jackson potentially being distracted by his contract: “I haven’t seen that. That’s an old question. I’ve seen that he’s gone out and worked his tail off and he had a couple of nice plays and had a chance for a couple of other nice ones.”

On the defensive line and five sacks: “I thought the d-line got off the ball well. That Bradford’s a sneaky one because he gets the ball off so darn quick.”

On Jeremy Maclin coming back from his medical scare this offseason: “I was worried about his conditioning the first game … We kept checking with him. We spotted and he wanted to get back in. You just never know that first game, the first time playing. He’s home, but you can get tired at home too.

On Danny Watkins being inactive: “He had a very good week of practice. The other kid has a little more experience, so we put him in and let him go.”

On improvement: “As the game went on, it looked like we were getting better … We weren’t taking steps back, we were taking steps forward. For the first game … guys were looking fresh and were pushing through the fourth quarter.”

On the collection of talent on the Eagles: “We’re blessed to have some good players. We’ve had them over the years, to coach good players. I was curious to see how they would respond in the tough times of the game and in the high times. They never hung their head, the new guys and the old guys.”


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