Reid: 'We all stunk'

Andy Reid was pretty succinct in his postgame press conference about his team's performance in Pittsburgh.

"We all stunk tonight," Reid said after the Eagles' 24-14 loss, with the two Eagles scores coming on fourth-quarter drives by Mike Kafka.

"Neither [stopping the run or the pass] were good on defense and then on offense we didn't run it good and we didn't pass it good," Reid said. "All the way around, starting with me, working through the coaches and the players, we all stunk tonight."

Reid stressed there is not a lot of gameplanning done in the preseason but said the team needs to do better with the fundamentals.

"Too many turnovers and our inability to get off the field against a great football team," Reid said. "There are great lessons to be learned. You come into a good football team's house here and have to make sure you bring your A game."

Reid said he did not think Michael Vick's rough night had anything to do with the day's controversy surrounding an interview in GQ magazine. "He wasn't the only one; we all stunk," Reid said. He added there was no temptation to play Vick into the third quarter.

The Eagles' defense could not get off the field in the first half, with the Steelers easily winning the time of possession battle. The Eagles had the ball for only 3:03.

"We had opportunities to get off the field," Reid said. "It's important that we learn from that and make plays when you have the opportunity to make plays. That's how this games works."

Reid was unwilling to say that the injuries to the defensive tackles made it more difficult for the young linebackers, who struggled.

"I expect the next person to get in and play," Reid said of the replacements at d-tackle. "It's that simple. That's what I expect."

On the injury front,

* Jason Avant has right knee tendinitis and was taken out of the game for a bit.

* Trent Cole has an elbow injury. Reid said the bursa had been swollen and swelled up again.

* Daniel Teo'Nesheim has a hamstring injury.


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