Reid: NBC Apologized for Not Getting Replay

Andy Reid did not challenge Kelvin Hayden's interception in Sunday's loss to the Falcons. (Yong Kim/Staff File Photo)

One of the most puzzling mixups in a game that featured more than a few was when Falcons corner Kelvin Hayden intercepted a Mike Vick third-quarter pass, leading to a Falcons touchdown (the amazing one-handed Tony Gonzalez catch at the back of the end zone).

NBC's replays at the time only showed Hayden's back as he skidded along the ground, At one point, you maybe could see the ball underneath him, moving. The Eagles didn't feel that angle was worthy of a challenge.

But several minutes later, after the Gonzalez touchdown, NBC showed the opposite angle, as it did pretty much immediately on every other significant play. This time, as announcer Chris Collinsworth noted, the ball clearly hit the ground and was scooped up by Hayden.

After the game, Eagles coach Andy Reid said only that the Eagles "didn't see anything there."

Today he expanded on what he meant. The coaches in the booth did not have access to the definitive replay until NBC finally got around to showing it, much too late. Reid said he got an email apology for that from a member of the broadcast crew, but Reid's view was that things happen, there were plenty of other key moments, and so on.

That's sporting of Reid, but it also sidesteps whether the original replay, or the fact that intended receiver Jason Avant was vigorously signaling "no catch," might have been enough to trigger a Reid challenge, which presumably would have unearthed the opposite angle shot.

Maybe, if there was any sliver of doubt whatsoever, you try to negate your quarterback's third turnover in five snaps, to save your tiring defense. But the Eagles did not, which led to a lot of those other plays Reid felt should have been made.