Reid: Eagles put things together when it counted

(Julio Cortez/AP)

Highlights from Andy Reid's postgame press conference:

"Congratulations to our football team and the job they did. This was a knockdown, drag-out NFC east battle. It was a heck of a game. Compliments also to the Giants. Cough Coughlin has a heck of a football team. Defensively, I thought we did a pretty good job. Juan had a nice plan and it was executed well. Marty had a nice plan. Vince Young and he stepped in for the great Michael Vick. That’s a tough thing to do especially against a tough football team. The players rallied around him. … When it counted, we were able to put some things together and make a run."

On Young’s slow start: “It was a matter of getting settled down and get into the swing ... It’s a little different than the scout team. His timing got better as it went on. He kept firing, which he has to do. He had a couple of turnovers there but he came right back. You can’t flinch … [He showed] he is the seasoned veteran that he is.”

On the long drive: “It’s happened against us a couple of times … we were able to flip that over and get one, which is important.”

On the fourth quarter: “They are aware that we haven’t done very well in the fourth quarter. They rallied around it and stepped up and stepped up when they needed it and played well. My hat’s off to my guys. I’m proud of them.”

On whether Vick will be ready next week: “I’m going to take it day by day … We’re lucky to have three good quarterbacks. We’ll see how things go with Mike. I’m not going to put him in a bad position where he can’t function.”

On the Babin play: “That was a huge. It was a big play. You have to make those. Somewhere you have to make those and he did … we needed something to happen.”

On the reaction to DeSean’s penalty: “I had a little talk with him just to make sure we were straight. He did a nice job.”

On the mood on the sideline after the Giant scored: “The guys were good. You saw the energy on the sidleine, nobody flattened out. Let’s get something happening, let’s make a play … Had opportunities where we could have hung our head. We didn’t do that, came back and fought.”

On remaining in contention: “We heard all that before. We just have to focus in and take it one game at a time. Whatever happen happens. We’re going to concentrate on the next game, which is the Patriots. That’s’ where our focus will be after we enjoy the ride back.”

Do you find DeSean maddening: “When he returns those long punts, I find him quite appealing. I enjoy the kid. He’s got a youthful energy. I enjoy him. Try to be as honest with him as I can. That’s how we go about our business.”

On Steve Smith: “It’s nice for Steve to get a touchdown … It’s good that Vince saw him on that, and delivered it where he could turn upfield and make the touchdown … There’s nothing better from a player’s standpoint to come back and do something like that, especially in a place where you have had so much success.”

On Young’s third-down completions on the long drive: “Whatever way he did it, it was good. That is a positive. When we needed do, he stepped it up and made some nice plays.”