Reid Doesn't Sound Like He's Expecting DeSean

Andy Reid has spoken with DeSean Jackson but is not sure when the receiver will arrive at Lehigh. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

BETHLEHEM -- Despite Andy Reid's best efforts to steer the questioning to how happy he is to be back at Lehigh, reporters kept pressing the Eagles' coach for information on whether disgruntled wideout DeSean Jackson is planning to show up tomorrow, the reporting deadline for veterans playing on teams that opened camp today.

At one point, Reid grudging admitted he has spoken to all of his players this week, following the end of the 136-day NFL lockout, and yes, DeSean was among those players. Reid refused to divulge anything that was said. That seemed significant. because in the past, when there has been doubt about a player showing, and Reid feels he knosw the player intends to show, Reid has made sure to get that out there.

So one interpretation of the refusal is that we won't see DeSean tomorrow.

Reid also didn't want to talk about quarterback Kevin Kolb, even whether he will require Kolb to show up here while a presumed trade to Arizona is completed. But the upshot seemed to be that he will not. Apparently, the Kolb trade is complicated enough that it won't be completed tonight, but tomorrow seems a good bet.

Reid doesn't know a lot yet about the health of returning players, etc. Much of the 30-minute press conference concerned the challenging logistics of this last-minute camp, which comes without the usual offseason of preparation. Reid plans a walkthrough Thursday morning, then a helmeted, padless practice tomorrow afternoon. The same is scheduled for Friday. Saturday, the first day of public workouts, will be padless. The pads go on Sunday morning, with an afternoon walkthrough to follow, pretty much the schedule for the rest of camp.

"Morning practices (after the first few days) will be very similar to what we had before," Reid said.

Reid refused to rise to the bait several times. when asked in different ways how he might feel about a veteran player holding out.

"I'm not going to get into all that," he said.