Reid: 'An absolutely terrible job'

Andy Reid said he must "do a better job as the head football coach." (David Maialetti/Staff file photo)

The Eagles fell to 1-3 with a 24-23 loss to San Francisco, in which they again squandered a fourth-quarter lead. Here are some of the comments from Andy Reid after the game:

“It was an absolutely terrible job by myself and my football team,” Reid said. “When you have a lead in the National Football League, you build on it and continue to score points. In all areas we were terrible, a lot of yards on offense, 2 for -7 in the red zone, three scoring drives in the second half; our young kicker, he needs to figure it out too just like everyone else.”

Reid was asked about the defense and said “we’re not pointing fingers at anybody. We’re going to take a look at each other and look in the mirror and figure it out.”

The Eagles have been outscored 26-0 in the three consecutive losses in the fourth quarter.

“It’s offense and defense. You can’t sit on leads,” Reid said. “You can’t do that as a football team. That’s what I did with our football here and we lost the football game.”

Asked several times specifically about the fourth quarter, Reid said, “It’s a variety f things. I wish I could tell you it’s one thing.”

An Eagles team that started 1-3 has never made the playoffs under Reid.

“We’re worried about winning football games, we’re not worried about the playoffs right now,” Reid said.

Asked if his message was no longer getting through, Reid said, “I’ve got to do a better job as the head football coach … I don’t care how much talent you have, you have to play as a football team.”

When a reporter broached the question about changes preceded by a reference to not asking, Reid said, “You were right. Don’t ask the question.”

Several times, Reid said. “Bottom line, I have to put the players in right position to make the plays and the players have to make the plays.”

And as for David Akers and Alex Henery both struggling, with Henery missing two kicks that could have been the difference, Reid said, “I’m not getting into irony. It will probably make a good story for you.”


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