Redskins acquire Jason Taylor

Remember all the talk about how Jason Taylor would be a good fit for the Eagles.

Well, the "Dancing" Dolphin ended up in the NFC East, but with the Washington Redskins instead. Miami traded Taylor on Sunday for a a second-round pick in 2009 and a sixth-round choice in 2010.

When the Taylor-Miami schism was first detected in the spring, the word from NovaCare was that the Eagles weren't all that interested, given what the Dolphins would probably want, and given Taylor's age. Eagles GM Tom Heckert worked for the Dolphins back when Taylor was drafted, and they apparently know each other pretty well. Of course, the wild rumors of a Taylor for Lito Sheppard deal being in the works spread quickly, and we even heard a bogus suggestion at the draft in New York City that a deal was close.

If Taylor could have been had then for a third- or fourth-rounder lots of teams around the league would have been interested, but the Dolphins were said to be looking for much more. By waiting, they got it, even if they did not get the first-round pick that some reports indicated they were seeking.

Perhaps desperation makes teams do funny things. Earlier Sunday, the Redskins lost defensive end Philips Daniels with a season-ending knee injury suffered on the first day of training camp.

Taylor has two years remaining on his contract and is expected to be at Redkins Park for training camp Monday. Earlier in the offseason, he said he only expected to play one more year, but Washington executive vice
president Vinny Cerrato told reporters, according to the Associated Press, that he expected that Taylor would play more than those final two years on his contract.

Guess the Redskins got lucky that someone that good was available so soon when they suffered a catastrophic injury. Makes you wonder just what might happen around the Eagles if another team lost, say, a cornerback to injury in training camp ...