Rating the Eagles offensive line

Bill Kuharich, who has spent 23 years as an NFL personnel man with the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints, breaks down the Eagles' offensive line for Daily News pro football writer Paul Domowitch.

His overall impression: "It's pretty damn good. If Shawn Andrews has his head screwed on right, I'd say it's one of the top seven or eight [offensive lines] in the league if they're all healthy and all playing to their capability."

Left tackle: Jason Peters

Height/weight: 6-4, 340

NFL experience: Sixth year

With Eagles: First year

Kuharich: "This was a very good get for them. It cost them a lot of money, but he's worth it. You're looking at a guy who probably will be their starting left tackle for the next 8-9 years. He's one of the best left tackles in the league. He's big, but has quick feet and is very athletic. He's a better pass blocker than run blocker, but he's a pretty good run blocker. Tra Thomas gave them a lot of good years, and still probably is one of the top 10 tackles in the league. But Peters is one of the top five. And he's about 8 years younger."

Left guard: Todd Herremans

Height/weight: 6-6, 321

NFL experience: Fifth year

With Eagles: Fifth year

Kuharich: "He's coming off a pretty good year. Is he a Pro Bowl player? No. But he's a good, functional player. The kind of guy you're glad you have. But you're not going to pay him top dollar because he's replaceable. He's much better inside than outside [at tackle]. You don't want him at tackle. Too tall. Not real athletic. Not nearly as athletic as Peters."

Center: Jamaal Jackson

Height/weight: 6-4, 330

NFL experience: Seventh year

With Eagles: Seventh year

Kuharich: "He kind of flies under the radar on this line. For the most part, he's a dependable, workmanlike player. Not flashy. Just kind of a steady-eddy type guy. Like a lot of their guys, a better pass blocker than run blocker. He's big for his position, but isn't a knock-you-off-the-ball guy. He's not real athletic to be a position-sustain guy. He's just kind of functional."

Right guard: Stacy Andrews

Height/weight: 6-7, 342

NFL experience: Sixth year

With Eagles: First year

Kuharich: "We tried to get him 2 years ago when [Cincinnati] tagged him. We always thought he'd be a good right tackle. He can play either, but we felt he was a better tackle than guard. He's got bulk. He's got mass. He's athletic for a 350-pound guy. Equally adept as a pass blocker or run blocker. We didn't think he was a left tackle because he didn't have left-tackle feet. But we thought he was a top-20 right tackle. We liked him because of his run-blocking ability to put on the right side with the tight end to get double-teams. Get some movement off the ball."

Right tackle: Shawn Andrews

Height/weight: 6-4, 335

NFL experience: Sixth year

With Eagles: Sixth year

Kuharich: "This guy scares me because of the depression issue. I just don't know if you can count on him. It's hard to play the game if you have that issue. Hell, it's hard to function in life with it. He's a very good player and plenty athletic enough to play out there. He's a much better athlete than [Jon] Runyan. He's not as tough or as nasty or as passionate about the game as Jon. Runyan was the Gaylord Perry of offensive linemen. He got by on all the intangibles, not on his skill. He was a smart player, knew angles. Shawn is a much better athlete. But Shawn would have to prove to me that I can count on him before I'd put him out there. Because the last thing you want to do is have to juggle your offensive line in December."

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In other news, first-round wide receiver Jeremy Maclin remains unsigned with a little more than 48 hours remaining until the reporting time at Lehigh. As Les Bowen reported earlier this week, a source close to Maclin said one of the reasons he selected Ben Dogra and Jim Steiner as agents is because their history is to not have rookie holdouts.

In today's Kansas City Star, Maclin is asked about the difference between the relationships among college players and pro players when it comes to his new teammates.

“They’re very accepting, but obviously you’ve got guys who’ve got families, who need the money, who will do anything they can to get the money. It’s just a little different.”

The other big difference is that Maclin will be used on the outside much more often than he was in college when he was in the slot.

“The main thing for me is I’m going from inside to outside, being considered a big receiver. The average height of a receiver in the league is 5-11 1/2 , so I’m right there.”