Ranking the NFL's top rivalries

We know this is not news, but we thought it might make a good conversation down the Shore or at a family picnic on this Memorial Day weekend.

Vinnie Iyer, of the Sporting News, has come up with his lift of the Top 10 NFL rivalries heading into the 2009 season.

He took a bit of the easy way out, in our estimation, by lumping all the NFC East games into one rivalry, and ranking NFC East vs. NFC East at No. 3. Here was his reasoning.

"Just naming Dallas-Washington from this division would be unfair. All six round-robin rivalries involving the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Redskins have been awesome of late as the NFC East features the league's most competitive quartet.

"It's not just the unpredictable games that seem to turn on one or two plays, it's also four high-profile ownerships that wage their war with aggressive signings, drafts and trades. These owners have deep pockets and are passionate about winning. Each franchise also has huge fan bases and high-profile players and coaches.

"It all makes for compelling competition, good enough to get the best time-slot treatment from Fox and NBC."

Nonetheless, here is his Top 10:
1. Ravens vs. Steelers

2. Colts vs. Patriots

3. NFC East vs. NFC East

4. Jets vs. Patriots

5. Broncos vs. Chargers

6. Packers vs. NFC North

7. Patriots vs. Dolphins

8. Colts vs. Titans

9. Falcons vs. Panthers

10. Packers vs. Cowboys

So, what do you think?


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