Mikell, Childress on Jim Johnson

The Daily News spoke to Eagles safety Quintin Mikell about the passing of Jim Johnson:

On Jim:

“He was a great guy, great coach; best that ever did it. He was a guy that demanded a lot from his players and himself…he always wanted the best out of everyone. Those blitzes and schemes were his baby and nine times out of ten they worked.”

Jim anecdote:

“I remember early on in my career just how hard he was to please. He wanted everything perfect. One of things that always stood out about Jim, he was a guy that had a presence about him, just a great aura. He really cared about the team. It's tough in this day and age in this business for coaches to get close to guys, later on towards the end [of his career] he really made that his mission and he made it really easy to earn his respect.”

What he’ll always remember about Jim:

“One of the most incredible things about him, and I hate to only think of him in a football sense, but to me it really was the way he was able to adjust, he was a genius. Even when he was in there doing his rehab on his knee he was still trying to think of ways to make the team better instead of focusing on getting better. You could really tell how much he enjoyed the game and being apart of the Eagles [organization].”

We also had the chance to talk to Vikings head coach Brad Childress, the Eagles' offensive coordinator when Johnson was the defensive coordinator.

“Great guy, man’s man, I enjoyed coaching with him, he truly was one of the greats. His wealth of experience and the perspective he put things in was remarkable. People may look at him as a dinosaur, but he knew a lot about the game and it was just great to be around him.


“My thoughts are with Vicki and the two kids right now, I know she loved him dearly and I just want her to know he fought a great fight. He cast a big shadow on the sideline; he was a remarkable coach, but an even better person.”