Playing in prime time

When it came to playing in prime time during the early years of the Andy Reid era, the Eagles were a virtual certainty.

Reid's teams won their first eight night games and 16 of 17. Since then, though, the Eagles have lost 12 of 14, have lost five consecutive Sunday night games and not won on Sunday night since 1995.

Of course, there are more prime-time TV games than there used to be, with Sunday and Monday nights and now more Thursday night games at the end of the season on the NFL Network. The Eagles already have five night games on the schedule this season and the potential for a late-season addition with the flex scheduling could add to the total.

This might just be a statistical quirk. As the team improved early in the Reid era, they became more and more popular with the networks, especially given the fan base in a big market that virtually guarantees monster TV ratings.

But the networks are also looking for marquee matchups and as the Eagles moved into being among the NFL's elite teams, they were matched up with other top-level teams. Obviously, those games are much harder to win, and that might explain the downturn in the prime-time record.


On the injury front from Chicago, defensive tackle Tommie Harris, return man Devin Hester and receiver Brandon Lloyd are listed as questionable. Here are more details from the Chicago Tribune.

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