Planning ahead with the Eagles

In case you are an Eagles fans who likes to plan ahead – and in some cases, way ahead – the NFL recently finalized the schedule rotation through 2017.

The rotation was set through 2011 at the end of the season, but the NFL has added on a few years.

Games listed do not include the three home and three away games against the NFC East. One home game and one away game are against a team from the division specified depending on finish the previous year.


Home: San Francisco, Seattle, New England, New York Jets, NFC North

Away: Arizona, St. Louis, Buffalo, Miami, NFC South


Home: Atlanta, Carolina, Baltimore, Cincinnati, NFC North

Away: New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, NFC West


Home: Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, San Diego, NFC West

Away: Green Bay, Minnesota, Denver, Kansas City, NFC South


Home: Arizona, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, NFC South

Away: San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Indianapolis, NFC North


Home: New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Miami, NFC West

Away: Atlanta, Carolina, New England, New York Jets, NFC North


Home: Green Bay, Minnesota, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, NFC South

Away: Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Cincinnati, NFC West


Home: San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Kansas City, NFC North

Away: Arizona, St. Louis, Oakland, San Diego, NFC South


New Cleveland general manager Tom Heckert knows a little bit about Terrell Owens since Heckert was the Eagles' GM when Owens was here. That's likely a good reason why Heckert has ruled out signing Owens, even though the Browns are looking to add a veteran wide receiver.

Heckert told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Owens is "is not on our radar."

"That's not the direction we're headed," he said. "There's a lot of factors that go into that. I think at this stage of his career, this isn't a place he'd be looking at. We don't plan on talking to him."