Patterson Visits Team; Agent Says 1 Week to Return

Mike Patterson was released from the hospital Friday. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

BETHLEHEM --- Mike Patterson has been released from Lehigh Valley Hospital, agent J.R. Rickert announced and the Eagles confirmed. In fact, your Eagletarian can confirm this as well, since he just walked past me, after holding a lengthy chat with Eagles coach Andy Reid, Patterson leaning on the running board of the SUV Reid was sitting in.

"I feel good," Patterson said. "I'll talk to you guys tomorrow."

An Eagles spokesman said there is no plan for Patterson to speak on Saturday, that he will not speak until the evaluation process is complete.

Rickert issued a statement yesterday that said Patterson might be cleared to practice within a few days, but Rickert amended that yesterday evening. The agent said Patterson had seen a doctor recommended by the team Friday afternoon, and that Patterson was told he could return in a week.

Earlier, just after the afternoon walkthrough, Eagles head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder updated reporters on Patterson's condition. The upshot was that while Burkholder is "very optimistic" about Patterson returning, he would not project a date.

Patterson suffered a seizure during Wednesday's practice and has been diagnosed with a brain AVM, a tangled mass of blood vessels.

Burkholder said Patterson was traveling to Philadelphia this afternoon to meet with team internist Dr. Gary Dorshimer. "They're formulating a plan of second opinions," said Burkholder, who refused to disclose the first opinion from the Lehigh Valley Hospital doctors, or say what grade of AVM Patterson has.

"I know there's reports out there that he'll be back in a few days and that kind of stuff," Burkholder said. "Like I told you before, we're not gonna estimate any time loss with this guy, or return to play time. We''re gonna go through the process. He's gonna start the process this afternoon."

Here is the text of Rickert's first statement, from his website: "Mike Patterson has been released from the hospital and will join his teammates at training camp. He is scheduled to see a neurologist in Philadelphia in the next day or so. We anticipate that he will be cleared to resume normal team activities within a few days."

Burkholder was asked if that report surprised him.

"No ... That's his desire," Burkholder said. "He wants to play. He would've practiced this afternoon if we would have let him. That's normal, and that's why he's a great player in the National Football League.

"As the guy who's gotta be responsible for Mike, I gotta pull the reins back on that and make sure we know exactly what we have before we turn him back in there."


Other notes from Friday:

*Fenuki Tupou, in his third Eagles training camp, moved over from left tackle today and took right tackle reps with the first unit. He looked pretty good.

*Jeremy Maclin watched practice in jersey and shorts. Eagles coach Andy Reid reiterated what Maclin said Thursday, that the wideout is expected to be ready for the season. Reid again declined to discuss Maclin's illness, saying only that tests were being analyzed.

*This was the first practice day for all the vet free agent signees, and one thing was apparent -- you put Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on one side of the ball, and have Mike Vick throwing to Sinorice Moss, Riley Cooper and Jason Avant, that's a mismatch. Maybe that's why Vick gave a terse "no," when asked if he had any update on DeSean Jackson's plans. Jackson has to report by Tuesday in order to retain the right to become a free agent in 2012.

*Jason Babin bought the No. 93 jersey from Trevor Laws, and it cost more than it would have at Modell's. If Modell's stocked Trevor Laws jerseys. Babin said he was legally bound not to disclose what he paid Laws, who is now No. 91.


A few words on some of the comments below: I had no idea my blog was read by so many experts on the craft of journalism. I am truly blessed!

Maclin's family is not commenting on his illness. I am thrilled to learn that whether he has been treated at such-and-such a facility is supposedly a matter of public record. Perhaps I should start randomly calling doctors in various specialties, here and in Missouri, in hopes of stumbling across someone who might have treated him for something, even if they can't tell me what it was.

Or, I could just keep checking with Maclin, Reid, and Eagles players, under the assumption that in the busiest training camp in the history of the NFL, an illness that apparently is going to be resolved by the regular season isn't worth a 24-hour fullcourt press on my part. And under the assumption that as long as Maclin is at Lehigh, working toward a return, he isn't deathly ill.

Yeah, maybe I'll just keep doing that.

But thanks for the advice!