Patterson Alert in Hospital After Collapse

UPDATE: Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder said Patterson will remain at Lehigh Valley Hospital overnight for observation, but that he is stable and asymptomatic. "He wants to come back to training camp," he said. Burkholder said it’s standard protocol to keep someone overnight who has suffered a seizure.

They are running further tests on the defensive tackle, including an MRI of his brain.  "The only thing we’ve ruled out is that he didn’t have any bleeding in his brain or anything like that," Burkholder said.

After Patterson collapsed, there was blood in his mouth. But Burkholder said it was the result of Patterson biting his tongue when he had the seizure.


BETHLEHEM -- Eagles defensive lineman Mike Patterson flopped down on his back near the start of line drills at training camp this morning, apparently convulsing. Head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder quickly moved to stabilize Patterson's neck and clear his airway. Patterson was moving his arms, but never got off the turf, as teammates gathered around and an ambulance was summoned. Patterson eventually was loaded into the ambulance on the field, and taken to Lehigh Valley Medical Center.

Eagles coach Andy Reid and Burkholder later said Patterson had suffered a seizure but was alert and stable at the hospital, undergoing tests and texting with the training staff.

It was not an especially warm morning at Lehigh; the temperature was 80 degrees at 10 a.m., about half an hour after Patterson collapsed. He went down without any apparent contact, as a drill was about to start. Defensive end Trent Cole yelled "what the hell are y'all doing?" as Patterson went into an apparent seizure. It wasn't clear whether Cole was under the impression an offensive lineman had done something to Patterson, or if he was just impatient for the training staff to get to him.

A source with knowledge of the situation said Patterson was being treated for deyhydration.

Patterson, who turns 28 next month, was the Eagles' first-round draft pick in 2005. He has played in 95 Eagles games, more than anyone on the current roster -- a fact Patterson was unaware of until a reporter told him earlier this week.  

Fellow defensive tackle Trevor Laws had just left practice on a cart after suffering a hop felxor injury.

More to come.