Party time for Vick at Super Bowl

Michael Vick is having a Super Bowl party in Dallas on Friday night.

We all remember what happened at Vick's 30th birthday party last summer, when one of the co-conspirators in Vick's dogfighting ring was shot. Vick said he had nothing to do with the shooting and no charges were filed.

However, Vick and those around him are taking extra precuations this time for the "Dallas Dynasty 2011" event that they are billing as the "premiere A-list high society event of the 2011 Super Bowl." The party is listed as running from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Jeff Skaggs, the owner of the Deux Lounge in Dallas told, that among the precautions being taken is that he has hired three off-duty SWAT team members to patrol the area during the party.

According to the report, Vick will have his own security team, the NFL is providing a security team, the club is briging in extra members of its security team. Also, guests will be searched and wanded on the way in.

An Eagles spokesman pointed out that just because Vick is being promoted does not necessarily mean he will be attending the party.

Then after that party, Vick is being promoting at three events Saturday:

* Super Teen Saturday, an alcohol-free event for 14-17 year olds offering "positive role models and messages." Vick is advertised along with actress/model Melysa Ford and former Cowboy Kevin Smith. The event goes from 1 to 7 p.m.

* Michael Vick Saturday Day Event, also from 1 to 7, although this is being hosted by Ford with guests that include former Super Bowl champion Santana Dotson of the Green Bay Packers, Terrance McGee and George Wilson of the Buffalo Bills, Earl Thomas of the Seattle Seahawks. There is no indication Vick will attend this event.

* The day is capped by the "Michael Vick's Super Saturday, Version 2.0" at Mr. Bigs Sports Bar. That one goes from 8 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. Organizers are listing appearances by Vick, Ford and Smith.

Somewhere in there, Vick also likely will pick up the NFL Comeback Player of the Year award, which is being presented Saturday.


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