Outplayed and Outhit

      After the early trick plays and the punt return touchdown, the Eagles had nothing for the Washington Redskins, who dominated both lines of scrimmage in a 23-17 upset at the Linc.

    Andy Reid added one little thing to his usual postgame refusal to engage in any sort of meaningful discussion of what went wrong: In the midst of repeating his mantra about needing to put players in better positions to make plays, Reid added: "and when (the players) are in those positions, we have to make sure that plays get made."

     After starting out 1 for 4 on third down conversions, the Redskins converted 11 of their final 15. They took apart what had been the league's top rushing defense, running for 203 yards (to the Eagles' 58). They ended up with 75 offensive snaps, to the Birds' 47, 22 first downs to the Eagles' 14.

   The Eagles' offense lost its ryhthm on the first drive of the second quarter and never really got it back. The Birds didn't throw the ball downfield and didn't run much -- instead, they found ways to screw ups screens and other short-yardage passes. Their defense got good pressure early, then was blasted back on its heels by the Redskins' offensive line.

    The season isn't over at 2-3, but most fans' patience with ongoing confusion and inconsistency might be.