On the rise? On the decline?

Whether the Eagles' fortunes are on the rise or on the decline, or perhaps stuck somewhere in the middle, depends on your perspective on Andy Reid and the people making the decisions along NovaCare Way.

It also probably depends on your view of whether the Eagles can get more out of aging veterans like Brian Dawkins, Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan, and how you feel about the players they have recently drafted, like DeSean Jackson and the relatively young defensive players like Brodrick Bunkley, Mike Patterson, Trent Cole, Chris Gocong, among others.

Among the questions Reid was asked Monday was whether he views this team as "on the rise" as it was after the three NFC title game losses. The Eagles got back the following year, beat Atlanta and went to the Super Bowl.

“I think the league, with parity involved, gives you an opportunity to have success every year," he said. "With that, I’m just going to add to your initial comment that since the first NFC championship game that we went to, when we lost to the Rams, I also heard that the window was closed. I don’t look at it that way; I never have and never will. I think, every year, you have an opportunity. We have to take advantage of them, obviously, when we get them, but I still feel good about the group of players coming back. Will there be changes? There’s always change, every year. I will try to make it change for the better.”

Although each year is different, as Reid suggests, there seems to be a clear separation between the Eagles before the Super Bowl trip and after. The Birds are now 33-30-1 since the 2004 season. That includes two playoff trips, one to the divisional round in 2006 and this season's trip to the NFC title game. Their regular-season record ranks 15th in the 32-team league.

1. Indianapolis: 51-13
2. New England: 49-15
3. San Diego: 42-22
4. NY Giants: 41-23 
    Pittsburgh: 41-23
    Green Bay: 41-23
7. Dallas: 40-24
    Chicago: 40-24
9. Carolina: 38-26
10. Denver: 37-27
11. Seattle: 36-28
      Jacksonville: 36-28
13. Baltimore: 35-29
      Tennessee: 35-29
15. EAGLES: 33-30-1
16. Tampa Bay: 33-31 
      Minnesota: 33-31
18. Washington: 32-32
19. Cincinnati: 30-33-1
20. Atlanta: 30-34
21. New Orleans: 28-36
22. Arizona: 27-37 
      NY Jets: 27-37
      Miami: 27-37
25. Buffalo: 26-38
26. Kansas City: 25-39
27. Cleveland: 24-40 
     Houston: 24-40
29. San Francisco: 23-41
30. St. Louis: 19-35
31. Detroit: 15-49
      Oakland: 15-49

So, where do you stand: On the rise, on the decline, or somewhere in the middle?