Mayock on the draft: Cornerbacks

Cornerback is an obvious arena of need for the Eagles. Here, in the final part of our series, is   NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock's breakdown:

The Best

Patrick Peterson

6-0 1/4, 221

40-time: 4.31


Mayock: ``He’s big and fast. He’s got a little (hip) stiffness to him that the longer, bigger corners always or usually do. But he’s got rare athletic skill and return ability. He could ultimately end up inside, but boy, what a game-changer. He’s most comfortable in press-man. If you try to play him in off-man (coverage), he’s going to struggle a little bit. So the best place for him is with a team that’s going to let him press, get up in your face, knock (the receiver) out at the line of scrimmage and turn and run.’’

Round projection: 1

The Riser

Johnny Patrick

5-10 1/2, 191

40-time: 4.55


Mayock: ``He’s all over the place depending on who you talk to. Some people really like him, others don’t. He ran poorly at the combine, but ran better after that. You watch him on tape, he’s very quick. He has good feet. He’s a natural change-of-direction guy. In this corner class, I think he’s a second- or third-round pick.’’

Round projection: 2-3

The Sleeper

Buster Skrine

5-9 1/2, 186

40-time: 4.45


Mayock: ``I fell in love with his feet at the combine. He’s short, but ran in the 4.4 range and has great feet. I put the tape on and he’s not a very good football player. He gave up 3 long plays in the first quarter of a game against Auburn, both in press and off-man coverage. But when you run as fast as he did at the combine, you’re going to get an opportunity. This kid has return skills and has the feet you want to work with to be a nickel corner. I’d love to get him in the fifth or sixth (round) because I don’t think he’s a great player right now. But because of the speed and return ability, he might not get out of the third or fourth.’’

Round projection: 4