Notes on Andre Smith, Preseason

Andre Smith, the talented offensive tackle who might have severely damaged his draft stock by leaving the scouting combine early and seeming out of shape, is scheduled to visit the Eagles soon, reports. That's as expected -- the Birds are closely scrutinizing all the first- and second-round-worthy OTs in the April 25-26 draft. Smith is especially interesting, though, in that he was once projected as a top five overall pick, and because of the hoopla over his preparation for the draft, he could drift into the area where the Birds are picking, 21st and 28th overall.

NFL opinion on Smith's capers seems mixed. I've heard people express real concern about his maturity and Andre Smith, sans jogging braapproach; as you can see from the photo posted here, shirtless pics of the guy would be NSFW. Others think the whole thing has been overblown and that he's likely to be a fine player, when the dust settles.

Also this morning, the date on that Eagles preseason opener against the Patriots is now officially Thursday, Aug. 13 at the Linc. When the preseason sked was announced earlier this week, the date was listed as either the 13th or the 14th. Now, every Eagles preseason game is set for on a Thursday night, which makes for an orderly practice schedule. Plus, "ER" is going to be long done, and "The Office" and "30 Rock" will be in reruns.

Finally, Bleedinggreennation has an interesting discussion with an actual Buffalonian (Buffaloer?) about the status of unhappy offensive tackle Jason Peters. Speculation holds that the Eagles would be interested, if the Bills decided they had to trade Peters.