No L.J., No Fine

   The Eagles are in Seattle Friday night, having exited via charter just as the Phillies' parade was getting ramped up. So Andy Reid's pledge to watch the festivities from his office window was not kept -- though in Reid's defense, he made that pledge back on Monday, when he thought Game 5 was going to be a one-day affair.

   The Birds left L.J. Smith (and your Eagletarian) in Philly. Don't know if L.J. watched the parade, but he definitely isn't feeling great after that concussion-causing hit from Atlanta's Lawyer Milloy last Sunday. An NFL spokesman said Friday evening Milloy was not fined for the hit, which kind of makes you wonder whether the NFL just makes this stuff up as it goes along -- unpenalized hits are frequently fined these days. Milloy's hit drew a 15-yard penalty and seemed not only dangerous but completely avoidable.

   Meanwhile, your intrepid Eagletarian would like to thank all the fans who greeted him en route to the parade via PATCO and the Broad Street subway, in the company of his younger son and some equally truant 10th grade pals. We watched the parade from Broad and Federal, which was a great spot, but getting back to the Eagletarian estate in South Jersey took much longer than anticipated, and when I set out again for the airport, with less time for my flight to Seattle than I wanted to allow, I hit the teeth of the traffic from the rallies.

    In retrospect, had I opted to work my way over to Passyunk and then Bartrum before trying foolishly to go the more traveled routes, I probably would have been OK. As it was, the flight left the gate 5 minutes early -- which might be a first in the history of US Airways -- and after much finagling, it seems I will now depart Saturday morning. Maybe the traffic will be better by then.

   Oh well. Who truly wants to leave the city of champions before he really has to?