Nnamdi: 'I knew exactly where I was supposed to be'

(Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Nnamdi Asomugha did not think he would be a member of the Eagles, and the Eagles did not think they would be able to get him as free agency began.

"Before the Eagles were involved, I was dealing with the teams that I was dealing with and that was where the decision was going to be made," he told Jim Rome in a radio interview today. "Once they stepped in, I knew exactly where I was supposed to be."

Asomugha said the Eagles were his first choice since March, but he said the free agency process was a crazy three days with non-stop phone calls.

"We’re talking about first class organizations, we’re talking about great coaches, talented teams. When that combination is coming at, you you have to give it some thought and think about whether is that going to work out."

However, before the Eagles were involved, Asomugha figured he was going to be a New York Jet.

How certain? "100 percent. Absolutely," he said.


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