Next up: the Giants

Andy Reid wasn’t much for basking in the glory of the Eagles’ record-setting performance over Washington.

“We’ve got a short week. I’m on to New York right now,” Reid said. “I’m going to enjoy this for a couple minutes.”

Asked if there was a chance to gain some momentum heading into the first-place showdown with the Giants next Sunday night, Reid said, “It’s a beautiful thing tonight, but it doesn’t go any further than tonight. You can’t add them on to next week. We have to get ready for a good Giants football team.”

The coach wasn’t even willing to concede that his team played a “perfect” first quarter.

“That was a pretty good first quarter,” he said.

“I thought they came out and played well from the get go .. Offensively, defensively and special teams did a good job.”

Some other thoughts from Reid:

On Vick: I’m proud of him. He led our football team on the offensive side and led the team the way you are supposed to be led … The guys rallied around him and he was in charge out there. I thought he did a nice job.

On the pregame jawing: “It’s two teams on Monday Night Football that are fired up to play each other … You’d rather not have any skirmishes but the whole game was that way … We had a lot of energy in that locker room with the youth mixed in with the veterans … It’s always a little rambunctious in there.”

On getting off to a fast start after the pregame issue and what was said in the locker room: “This was collectively about our team playing well. Not about me getting after them or anything else.”

On not taking Vick out earlier: “I’ve been on the other side with 5. He can get on fire quickly. I just wanted to make sure everything was secure.”

On McNabb’s contract: “I was happy for him. That’s a lot of cash … That’s something where he’s pretty well set, I’d say.”

On what Vick would be worth, given the numbers that McNabb received: "I'm not going there."


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