Next Year's Draft or This Year's Trade Bait?

    We've had a little time now to think about the Eagles' draft, and the Lito Sheppard trade situation. Some further thoughts:

      1. The biggest surprise of the draft was that the Birds did little to address the safety and corner positions. They drafted one of each in the fourth round, but the corner, Jack Ikegwuono, won't play this season because of a severe knee injury.

     2. This could mean the Eagles actually do intend to keep Lito Sheppard. I still think this would have to involve adjusting Sheppard's contract, and even then, it would be a little dicey egowise, juggling Shjeppard and Sheldon Brown alongside Asante Samuel. I don't care what anybody says about the kind of guy Lito is -- I agree, he would never want to be a distraction -- but I also know that Sheppard feels he was told he would be traded. If he isn't traded, he won't be happy, and teammates will know that, even if he isn't doing situps in his drveway for the cameras.

       3. After parsing what Andy Reid said Sunday and talking to a representative of Sheppard's agent group, I think the plan still is to trade Sheppard. I can't say I blame fans for being unenthusiastic about the idea of losing a Pro Bowl-qaulity player for a draft choice or choices next season, particularly since the Birds already have two first-round selections in '09. But such a deal could make sense if the Eagles think they can package some of those picks for one of those supposedly unavalable elite wideouts the team has been pursuing. I have no idea if this can actually happen, but it's a lovely thought, isn't it?

       Before we leave you, here a link to some guy who used to play basketball for Syracuse treating a referee badly (well, pretending to, anyway). This act might need some polishing, and maybe a bucket of confetti, before he goes on tour with the Globetrotters.  Also, who knew there was a Hank Baskett charity basketball tournament?