New way to win with the Eagles?

State officials are “in discussions” with both the Eagles and the Steelers about the possibility of partnering on an instant ticket game this fall, state Lottery spokeswoman Stephanie Weyant told the Daily News' John Baer on Thursday.

NFL owners voted earlier this week to allow teams to enter agreements with state lotteries in which teams charge licensing fees so lotteries can use team names and logos on tickets.

An Eagles spokesman said the team would have no comment.

The New England Patriots announced Thursday that they have reached an agreement for an instant ticket game with the Massachusettes State Lottery Commission to begin before the 2009 season. It’s believed they are the first NFL team to take advantage of the new league rule.

Weyant said the hope is a new NFL game would mirror the lottery’s instant games with the Phillies and the Pirates, started in March 2008 and still in play, in that it would offer winners both instant cash prizes and a shot at “dream prize packages” ranging from hats and jerseys to season tickets and trips to training camps.

“If terms can be worked out with the teams and Pennsylvania seniors benefit in the process it might be worth pursuing,” Gov. Rendell’s press secretary, Chuck Ardo, said.

The state lottery has done instant ticket games in the past in partnership with Harley-Davidson and popular TV shows such as “Deal or No Deal” and “American Idol.”

According to the Associated Press, talks are ongoing in Michigan with the Lions, Minnesota with the Vikings and New York with the Bills, Giants and Jets. The Titans said they would consider a deal in Tennessee and the Packers are interested in Wisconsin.


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