New teammates impressed with McNabb

Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley spoke about how pleased he is to line up next to Donovan McNabb. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Several players from the Washington Redskins met the media today after a team workout, speaking for the first time since the trade of Donovan McNabb. As expected, the reviews were favorable: 

Wide receiver Malcolm Kelly:

On his first impressions of Donovan McNabb: “First impression, he’s a normal guy. He’s a lot more laid back than I would’ve expected, as far as how long he’s been in the league, but he’s a cool dude. That really brings the pressure of practice down when you have a guy that’s laid back but still is about his business. He has a real strong arm, and he’s accurate. I’m looking forward to it.”

On McNabb coming in right away and starting to lead: “Right away, it’s almost like he’s been here. It’s almost like he got the playbook when we got it. It’s crazy because he knows everything, he already knows the concepts and things like that and he’s just been here two or three days. You can just tell by the way he carries himself and the way he is out on the field that he has a lot of confidence in him and that spreads to the rest of the guys on the field.”

On if McNabb is someone who can get the job done when the game is on the line: “Yeah I think he can. There’s no doubt in my mind. This guy has won a lot of games, won a lot of big games, there’s no doubt in my mind. You have confidence in a guy like that because he just shows confidence. Just even being out here, being around the offense just for a few days there are some things that he already knows and things like that. More than enough confidence in him.”

Tight end Chris Cooley:


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On his initial impression of McNabb: “Donovan is outstanding. It feels like he’s been here for a couple years. Instantly, he’s a leader. Instantly, he knows what it takes to have a team together. He’s talking to all the guys. He fits in extremely well. I don’t think anyone was worried about his ability to come and be the quarterback of this team and fit in as a teammate. He’s very good at that, very personable. And he knows what it takes. I think you like that as a player. You like a guy that’s been there, guy that’s been in five NFC Championships, been in the Super Bowl and understands what it’s going to take.”

On if there will be any extra work with McNabb: “With Donovan here, it’ll be the same amount of work as it was because we have a new offense. Everyone is learning a new offense. Donovan is learning a new offense – we all are. We were planning on putting in a lot of time. I think a lot of guys are excited about what’s going in. It seems like a very good offense for us. It puts players in positions to win. It moves guys around quite a bit."

Cornerback Philip Buchanon:

On his reaction to the McNabb trade: “Donovan is a proven guy. He’s been around the league. He has done so many different things for the city of Philadelphia. I was shocked that he got traded in the division. That was a little different. Like I said, I am very happy to have him. He’s a team leader. He’s been there done that, Pro Bowls, playoffs, so I am definitely looking forward to the season and I am expecting big things from him, me and a lot of other guys on this team.”

On if McNabb has any trait that makes him one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL: “I haven’t had the luxury to play against or even practice against him so this is my first time actually really playing against him. Practice will be my first time playing against him. With an older quarterback, a veteran quarterback like Donovan McNabb, he comes with a lot of experience. That’s hard for a young quarterback to actually gain or actually get right of the bat. He comes in with a lot of experience and that’s really going to help us a lot.” 


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