New OT format for postseason proposed

INDIANAPOLIS – The NFL is considering a dramatic change to its overtime format.

The league’s competition committee will make a recommendation to the league’s owners at next month’s league meeting in Orlando on a proposal that would eliminate the possibility of a team winning a playoff game with a field goal on its first overtime possession.

The proposal would allow the team that wins the overtime coin toss to win the game with a touchdown on its first possession. But if it only kicked a field goal, the other team would get a possession and would have a chance to win the game with a touchdown or tie it with a field goal.

If both teams kicked field goals on their first possessions, the old sudden-death format would then come into play. Same if neither team scored on its possession.

The proposal only deals with postseason games. It would need the approval of 24 of the league’s 32 teams to pass. If it does, it will be used in the 2010 playoffs.


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