NFL won't change OT rules

There probably is a Donovan McNabb joke in here somewhere, but we will let it pass ...

When NFL owners hold their annual March meetings next week in Dana Point, Calif., they will vote on several proposed rule changes, but they won't be considering changes to the current overtime system. There had been speculation that the committee might consider a revised system in which each team would get possession, given the large majority of games won on the first possession or by the team that won the coin toss.

"In talking with the players association, and in surveys from member clubs, we’ve really come to the conclusion that there’s nothing we’re in a position to propose (about changing overtime) at this time,’’ said Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay, who co-chairs the competition committee with Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher. "No club proposed a change and there was no unanimity by the committee regarding a change. The players don’t want anything changed. We think it still achieves its major goal, which is to break ties. There are some statistics that concern some of us. But at the same time, there’s just not enough support at this time to change it.’’

The most significant proposed rules change is an expansion of instant replays reviewable plays to include the ruling of an incomplete pass when there is a recovery of a fumble. If approved, the incompletion would be treated like down-by-contact, with the officials able to reverse the call and rule it a fumble if there is conclusive replay proof.

The league’s competition committee also will recommend expanding the rule protecting defenseless receivers. Currently, helmet-to-helmet hits on defenseless (in the air) receivers are illegal. The committee wants to prohibit all initial contact to the head area of a defenseless receiver, which would also include the use of defender’s forearm and shoulder, as well as his helmet.


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