NFL mulls new free agency rule

The timing here is somewhat ironic, in a year in which the Eagles were seemingly blindsided by Denver's interest in Brian Dawkins and especially how much the Broncos were willing to offer.

The NFL owners are expected to vote at their May meeting in Fort Lauderdale on a proposal that would create a 5- to 7-day window before the start of the free agency signing period during which teams would be allowed to negotiate with prospective free agents.

They wouldn’t be able to have personal contact with the player, only his agent.

"It would allow the home team to know who is talking to their player, who is interested in their player,’’ said Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay, co-chair of the competition committee. "We think it would create a more level playing field for the home team knowing who’s out there (that’s interested in the player) and give them a chance to re-sign that player before free agency actually opens."

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