NFL: No Comment Re Vick 'Meeting'

The NFL will not comment on whether or not Commissioner Roger Goodell has met with Michael Vick. (Clem Murray / Staff File Photo)

An NFL spokesman told your Eagletarian today that the league is "not going to comment on what the commissioner considers private phone conversations or meetings regarding any player."

That was in response to our query about a "report" that said commissioner Roger Goodell met with Vick and advised him to limit his parties to a closer circle of people, so as not to get caught up in the kind of controversy that attended a former dogfighting codefendant getting shot in the leg (edit: post formerly said "league," which was funny but nonsensical) after a Vick 30th birthday party last month in Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach police have said Vick will not be charged in the matter.

The Eagles seem to be satisfied that Vick has done nothing to prevent them from going forward with their plan to have him back up new starter Kevin Kolb this season. Eagles rookies (and usually all the QBs) are scheduled to report to Lehigh Monday evening.

It makes sense that Goodell would have met with Vick by now, as the commish tries to determine if any discipline needs to be levied. I'm thinking there won't be any sort of suspension, but that's just my opinion.

The account of the meeting comes from some guy on, named Keith Bennett, whose "sources" have told him of this meeting. Keith says he works for an accounting firm and is a "die hard Mets, Jets, Nets & Knicks fan."

Well, hey, with credentials like that, who are we to argue with Keith? But as we said, Goodell probably has met with Vick, Keith notwithstanding. The spokesman's response reinforces that notion.

Vick's agent, Joel Segal, has not responded to a request for comment.