Arizona GM: 'No interest' in McNabb

Donovan McNabb said he would like to finish his career in Philadelphia. (Ron Cortes / Staff file photo)


Arizona general manager Rod Graves told the Cardinals' Web site that they have "no interest" in acquiring Donovan McNabb, echoing a report in Arizona Republic (link below).

Of course, McNabb is often linked to the Cardinals because of his offseason home in Chandler, Ariz., his desire to play for a contender and Kurt Warner's retirement.

The Cardinals are expecting to open training camp with Matt Leinart as the starter, finally hoping to live up to the promise expected from him when he was drafted out of USC. The team signed Derek Anderson after he was released from the Browns as a backup, but he will be waiting in the wings if Leinart stumbles.

UPDATED: The chorus of denials from the St. Louis Rams brass continued today in Jupiter, Fla., where coach Steve Spagnuolo was taking in a Cardinals spring training game.

"There’s nothing to that.” Spagnuolo said, according to the Associated Press. “At this time of the year, there are going to be all kinds of things. But no, there’s nothing there.”

Spags, a former defensive assistant with the Eagles, said he does not put much stock in trade rumors.

Yesterday at the owners meetings, Spagnuolo talked extensively about the amount of research and background work the Rams have done on prospective No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford, the quarterback from Oklahoma.

Interesingly, he said he has picked the brains of several other head coaches on Bradford, including Reid, Minnesota's Brad Childress and Denver's Josh McDaniel.

"The guys I respect and that know quarterbacks," Spagnuolo said. "They don't have to tell me (anything), but most of the guys are great. They're pretty open about it."



It's getting near lunchtime in the East; do you know where your Donovan is?

Not traded yet, that we know.

The St. Louis report from yesterday has gathered no steam. It could have been an attempt by the Birds to set the market, or it could have been a conflation of rumors. Reports about Buffalo and Oakland persist, but it's really hard to envision McNabb signing in either place, which would make obtaining him kind of pointless for two teams that aren't winning the Super Bowl next season and would have to be looking toward several years of McNabb. In fact, a source close to McNabb has confirmed DMac would not be excited about those destinations.

One report this morning revived the well-worn Arizona speculation, but Kent Somers, who covers the team very ably for the Arizona Republic, sees little chance of McNabb ending up in his offseason home, though we might want to phone Kent for updates on DMac's whereabouts, since he seems to see the QB more often this time of year than we do. 

Buffalo hasn't made the playoffs in 10 years, playing in a tough division, and Oakland, well, everybody knows the deal with Oakland. The thing to watch out for there is, Al Davis might be crazy enough to trade for a 33-year-old QB who doesn't want to be there, figuring he'll sell him on all that tarnished Rai-duh tradition once he gets him in black and silver.

In the meantime, Derek over at Igglesblog has an interesting, comprehensive take on the McNabb situation, with several strong points.

That's all for now. Stay tuned.