Morning-After Thoughts on Foles, Angry Andy

(Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

BOSTON -- A few quick morning-after thoughts before my flight home boards:

*More than the throws Nick Foles made, Andy Reid seemed impressed by the way Foles took a big late hit midway through the third quarter, which was penalized, and remained unfazed.

“He was pretty cool and all that. You got to see him take a big hit, and he bounced up from that and didn’t really hesitate, and that was a big hit. Big one,” Reid said. “So he got up and got himself off the ground and and got back in and continued to play well.”

*Middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans, who still didn’t seem to make a lot of plays, was asked about Reid’s much-analyzed upbraiding of the defensive line after the Pats’ first touchdown, and ensuing two-point conversion.

“He came over and reminded all of us to get it going,” Ryans said. “He shouldn’t have had to come and tell us. We should have been on top of our game, playing smarter and playing fast.”

*Ryans also said: “The penalties [16 accepted, for 131 yards] were the only glaring mistake we had, and all those things can be corrected. We just have to play smarter in certain situations.”

*Reid seemed to think the defensive mistakes and lethargy could have had to do with feeling let down not to see Tom Brady and the Pats’ top weapons. He said that was no excuse for not being focused. Ryans agreed.

*Clay Harbor was targeted six times, caught six passes, for only 30 yards, but two for touchdowns. Pretty efficient.