More scuttlebutt on Kevin Kolb's future

Kevin Kolb could be traded to the NFC West when the league year begins. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

The Kevin Kolb rumor mill continues ...

ESPN's Adam Schefter said earlier this week on a Seattle radio station that Kevin Kolb could be heading to the NFC West, and that "all signs point" to the Arizona Cardinals.

During a mailbag posted today, Schefter expanded on that notion and reported that the Eagles and Cardinals spoke on Day 1 of the NFL Draft before Arizona selected cornerback Patrick Peterson with the fifth overall pick. The league, however, said such conversations were not allowed during the draft.

Writes Schefter: The market for Kolb will be similar to what it was before, minus the San Francisco 49ersand Cincinnati Bengals. I still think the Seattle Seahawks will have some interest. And still think the Arizona Cardinals are the overwhelming favorites to land his services.

The Cardinals and Eagles were allowed to discuss a deal at various points this offseason, including the first day of the draft. Arizona had the chance to draft Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert in Round 1 -- and passed. That tells me that the Cardinals believe they can find a way to land Kolb once trades are allowed. And Philadelphia knows it has to trade Kolb for this reason: After this season, Kolb's contract is set to expire. The Eagles can't afford to pay both Michael Vick, whom they intend to re-sign to a long-term deal, and Kolb. So if Philadelphia wants to get back compensation for Kolb, this will be the time to do it. And if Arizona wants to compete in the NFC West, Kolb is the quarterback to lead the way. It's an ideal match. And I think eventually, ultimately, it will happen.

Meanwhile, the possibility suggesting that Kolb could end up in Cleveland seems unlikely, according to Tony Grossi, of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. While there is some logic given that Browns GM Tom Heckert was the general manager with the Eagles when Kolb was selected and that Browns head coach Pat Shurmur was with the Eagles, the Browns have tried to surround Colt McCoy with more weapons.

"I think the odds of that are zero," he said. "I think this team has committed to Colt McCoy at least for 2011 ... I think they are hoping they will develop McCoy into an elite quarterback over time. I don’t think Kolb is the answer here."