Miles Austin on facing the Birds

Earlier this week, we heard from Mike Jenkins about his plans for the Eagles receivers, then we heard from Roy Williams with his thoughts on his family's experience in Philly last year.

Now, we hear from Miles Austin, who took a more tactful approach.

Asked to describe Eagles fans, Austin replied: "Passionate. I might have more adjectives, too.”

Austin has just two catches in four career games against the Eagles, but his numbers over the last three weeks have impressive: 482 yards and 5 touchdowns.

"I want to see me do it against a Philly defense and a division game on the road,” Austin said. “All I can do is play my hardest. That's what I've been doing, and we'll see what happens.”


The Eagles' punt-coverage unit has allowed just 5.3 yards per return this season, the fourth best mark in the league. In their last six games, they've held opponents to 3.9 yards per return and haven't given up a punt return longer than 11 yards during that period.

They'll get a major test from the Cowboys' Patrick Crayton, who has returned punts for touchdowns in each of the last two games. He had an 82-yard return against Seattle Sunday, and a 73-yarder against Atlanta the week before.

"He's doing the job right now," said cornerback Joselio Hanson, one of the Eagles' "gunners" on the punt coverage unit. "If he gets another one, that'd be the record [for consecutive games with a punt return for a TD]. We can't let that happen."

Crayton's touchdown returns were the first two of his career. He came into this season with a career average of 8.4 yards per return.

At 6-foot and 204 pounds, there's nothing fancy about Crayton's return style. He's more Brian Mitchell than DeSean Jackson.

"He's going to catch it, find a seam and try to break it," Hanson said. "We can't give him that straightforward seam."


Pretty interesting item we saw in the San Antonio paper: The Cowboys have given up scores on the opening possession in the last two games, against Seattle and Atlanta. The Eagles lead the league with 61 first-quarter points and have scored 44 points on their first two possession. A quick start can only help.