Mikell Visits, Meets Howie, Andy and Juan

The lockout definitely is thawing, if that isn't too much of a mixed metaphor.

Longtime Eagles safety Quintin Mikell, currently a free agent, visited NovaCare today, Mikell said (and tweeted). He said he spoke briefly with general manager Howie Roseman, at more length with new defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, and even bumped into Andy Reid in the parking lot as Mikell was leaving.

"It was cool. It was a little weird, like a ghost town. I don't remember it ever being that that quiet," said Mikell, who explained he wanted to fetch some items from his locker.

Mikell said he talked to Castillo "about different things he's talking about doing" defensively, and problem areas from last season. Mikell and Reid conversed about "everything that's happened, and how nobody knows what's going on," Mikell said.

Alas, no one offered a contract for Mikell to sign, but that could change next week. The league has said it plans to open facilities completely Friday, with players allowed to get playbooks, and then apparently everything is full-go Monday, including trades and signings. The Eagles will hold their first official weight-room workout Monday.

Of course, what everybody wants to know about is Kevin Kolb. Neither Kolb nor agent Jeff Nalley responded to requests for comment today.

 Up 'til now, I've felt the possibility of the Eagles making a "wink and nod" trade on draft night, where a team drafts a player who eventually gets traded for Kolb, was really ridiculous and very unlikely to be approved by the NFL. But tonight, with the league apparently on the verge of starting up again, absent a stay granted by the appeals court in St. Louis, hey, anything might happen.