Midseason grades and McNabb speaks

Asante Samuel celebrates his two interceptions off Peyton Manning after Sunday's win over the Colts. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Those of you who regularly read Eagletarian know that after every game Paul Domowitch posts his grades and then we let the readers give theirs.

As we hit the midseason mark with the Eagles at 5-3, we went back and looked at what the Eagles' grade would be in each category by averaging Domo's game-by-game grades. Consider it the GPA for the first semester.

Run offense: B-

Pass offense: B

Run defense: B

Pass defense: C+

Special teams: C+

Overall: B-

Obviously, there are eight more tests before the Eagles will get their final grade.


The benching in Washington continues to have legs. During his weekly radio show, Donovan McNabb urged everyone to move on and said he was confident of his role as the starter -- and finisher -- after speaking with coach Mike Shanahan said.

"People may have made their comments about it, but it's one that you don't want to talk about," McNabb said, according to the Washington Post. "I don't think for my friends and family, it's not an issue where we're going to sit here and try to dig into it."

He also said the comments made about him not knowing the offense well enough to run it in important situations were "hilarious."

"That is really funny to me. I think for everyone who may not have heard any of this, it's probably a shock to them. But we move forward for now. Everyone's going to say whatever all throughout this week, and probably during this game. I don't focus on it. Everyone else shouldn't focus on it. Let's move on."

In case you missed it, among McNabb's biggest supporters is Terry Bradshaw. Here are his comments from "Fox NFL Sunday" this week:

“Donovan, you’ve had a great 11 years and we all respect you for what you’ve done. Do not allow your 12th year to go down in ruins with a man questioning your intelligence. I don’t believe in the out of shape thing. When they start questioning your intelligence, don’t smile and say ‘it’s okay, it’s the coach’s decision.’ You fight for respect. I know about intelligence being questioned. At 62, I fight it almost every day of my life and I hate every second of it. Do not allow that to happen. You fight for it and you stand up to Mike Shanahan. You understand me? Don’t let it happen. If you don’t, then like most people America, I’m just going to think maybe the coach is right.”