McNabb's In: Westbrook 'Questionable'

 "Questionable" is a funny word.

      In NFL injury report parlance, it means a player has a 50-50 chance of playing in the upcoming game. According to the Eagles, Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook are both "questionable" for Sunday night's game at Chicago.

    Yet McNabb practiced Friday and seems fully functional despite the chest contusion he suffered last Sunday, Eagles coach Andy Reid acknowledged. Reid, Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, McNabb, and everyone else expects the quarterback to play. Why is he "questionable"? Why, to hopelessly confuse the Bears, of course, who no doubt will glimpse the (Q) next to McNabb's name and immediately abandon all preparation for him.

     Westbrook has not practiced, and really seems no closer to being able to play than right guard Shawn Andrews or tight end L.J. Smith, who are suffering from back injuries and are listed as "doubtful." Yet, somehow, Westbrook is "questionable." Why? See above.

     Reid said McNabb probably will not wear any extra protection for his bruised chest.

    By the way, McNabb's mother, Wilma, is scheduled to cook dinner for the team, to be served at the team hotel Saturday evening. She has done this on a couple of previous Eagles visits to Chicago, which ended in victories, so why tamper with tradition?

      Finally, we must come up with a winner in our reader contest to find a movie Donovan McNabb ought to be able to identify with, something with more resonance than "Game of Death," from which McNabb quoted a scene on Sunday, describing the injury to his  chest, or "The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh," which McNabb claims is his all-time favorite.

      We were hoping for something really funny and clever. We got clever, anyway, from reader Joshua Granite, who nominates Quentin Tarantino's "True Romance." Granite sees McNabb as the Christian Slater character, Clarence Worley, who, in Granite's summary of the plot "has a lot of bad dudes on his (tail) and walks away with the big last laugh."

       Christian Slater, playing Donovan McNabb?Slater/Worley also has to survive being shot in the head before the happy ending, perhaps a metaphor for McNabb's injury struggles.

     There are a few honorable mentions. Robert Linnehan envisions "Jaws," which would seem to make little sense, except that Linnehan sees Eagles fans advising "you're going to need a bigger wide receiver." OK, not bad.

     Then, from the comments section, there is JakeJake10, whose suggestion is "Fatman and Little Boy." Even though he knows it's really a movie about two atom bombs, JakeJake sees the title also referring to ... well, you know.

     Finally, Chad Gallagher sees McNabb as Jim Carrey in "The Truman Show," given the intense scrutiny McNabb deals with daily.