McNabb to Buffalo!

Made you look.

He went to Buffalo to watch his niece, Tamika Nurse, leading Bowling Green past host University of Buffalo, 81-64, at Alumni Arena.

Tamika, whose aunt Roxy was quite the player at Syracuse, scored 20 points in the win. Buffalo's Channel 7 reported he politely declined an interview request.

Sorry, it's  kind of boring at the NFL Scouting Combine, and your Eagletarian had to come up with something. Maybe you'd rather read interview transcripts with offensive linemen?  There's one guy that asks every player brought to the interview room what sort of performer the team that drafts him will get. Amazingly, every single guy is tough, hard-working and physical. Not a single one foresees being a huge disappointment who could get a GM fired.

We'll be back with developments as they occur. If they occur.