McNabb supports Vick; Skins tight end rips Philly

Donovan McNabb took to his Yardbarker blog to offer his support for Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson and former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who was released from prison today and will serve the rest of his sentence confined to his Virginia home. McNabb titled the post, "My Thoughts on a Couple of Friends."

My thoughts and prayers go out to Jim Johnson as he battles through another round of chemotherapy to deal with cancer. Jim is one of the toughest men I’ve come across and although he has a tough battle ahead, no one is going to fight harder.

I am happy that Michael Vick has served his time and will now be afforded the opportunity to move on with his life. I’m sure he will continue to be remorseful and will learn from his experiences. Hopefully he will have the opportunity to continue his dream of playing professional football.


Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley is nothing if not outspoken.

During an interview with about life on the road in the NFL, Cooley managed to take two jabs at Philly and its fans.

SI: What's your least favorite city to visit?

Chris Cooley: Philly. I really don't like Philly. I got a cheesesteak the first time I went there, but other than that, there's just nothing exciting about Philly.

SI: Which city has the most rabid fans?

Chris Cooley: Philly. We got eggs thrown at our bus when we came into town last season.


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