McNabb retiring the air guitar?

We bring this item to you because we know how popular Donovan McNabb's air guitar routine before last season's playoff game against Dallas is with the commenters on this blog.

Oddly, McNabb was asked yesterday during his weekly news conference in Washington whether he planned to break out the routine before his Redskins debut Sunday night against Dallas. (Click the link for the video, via YouTube.)

“I may have retired the guitar," McNabb said. "I may bring the drums out, bring the cymbals. It’s funny, anything I do I guess is a big story, huh?

"It’s something that we have been doing all year. We had our formal band. So it was a way for us to kind of have fun and relax and then go out and play. Obviously if we would’ve won that game, people would’ve been looking for the air guitar and maybe I would’ve had my own little PlayStation game. That was back then. Obviously, we need a little focus, let's get out here and play football.”

A few questions later, he was asked about dealing with criticism.

“This is 12 years for me," he said. "If you get emotional about what people may say about you, then you might want to go sit under a tree somewhere and kick your feet up and listen to some old music. I’m past that. It’s something that’s part of my career or my life so to speak. I’m used to it and I have fun with it. But I just go out and play football and that’s what’s given me this opportunity to play over the numerous amount of years. I'm just going to have fun.”

McNabb is in the odd position of facing the Cowboys for the third consecutive game. The Eagles closed out the regular season at Dallas and then lost in a wild-card game.

“It’s just what’s on the schedule," he said. "I think for a lot of it that went on last year, it’s over. I think they’re looking at it the same way. Was I excited or happy about where it ended, no. But I’m sure they weren’t happy or excited about the way their season ended in the playoffs. This is an opportunity for both teams to kick-start their season off on the right note.”

Pretty amazing to scan the league injury/participation report and see the Eagles as the only team listed with "no injuries to report."

Sure did not seem like that would be the case entering Week 1 when the trainer's cart seemingly had a new passenger every day at Lehigh.

On the Packers's side, Desmond Bishop (hamstring), Bryan Bulaga (hip), Cullen Jenkins (calf), Brad Jones (shoulder), Clay Matthews (hamstring) were all full participants. Cornerback Brandon Underwood (shoulder) was listed as limited and linebacker Brady Poppinga (knee) did not participate.


Packers coach Mike McCarthy on DeSean Jackson: "Well, he’s dynamic, there’s no question about that. Just watching him on the punt return. He’s a special player. He’s very special when he gets the ball in his hands. It’s important for us to play to our leverage and play to techniques that fit the scheme, and do not get outside of that. He’s definitely someone that we have to be aware of at all times."


Pretty interesting read in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel today about the Packers' developing their own players rather than pursuing players via trades, free agency or the waiver wire.

The Packers have one of the NFL's youngest rosters. Their average age as of Sunday will be 25.91 years, up just slightly from 25.70 in 2009, 25.57 in '08, 25.74 in '07 and 25.57 in '06. According to the NFL's calculations of opening-day ages, the Packers either were the youngest or tied for the youngest team in the league in the last four years.

"I don't think it matters a hill of beans," general manager Ted Thompson told the newspaper.


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