McNabb on his future, T.O.

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb says he is ready to continue his career with another team if the Eagles decide it is time for the Kevin Kolb era to begin.

"I might end up somewhere else," McNabb said in an interview with "And I'm prepared for that."

Among the other highlights of the interview, McNabb said he believes the Eagles are at the top of the NFC.

"I still put us at the top of the NFC," McNabb said. "I feel confident in saying that because all the best teams are pretty much in our division. The Giants and Cowboys are coming off great seasons and the Redskins had a decent year." 

He also had this to say, regarding what could have been if he and Terrell Owens has been able to stay together:

"It could've been great. What did we have, 30 TDs? You don't see that type of combination very often. That's like Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison. We would've been up there." 

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McNabb had been scheduled to address the media that covers the Eagles today at Lehigh, but his session was rescheduled for tomorrow following the lightning that shortened practice.