McNabb looking ahead at Super Bowl

The first of Donovan McNabb's "SportsCenter" analyst appearances went off without a hitch -- a little Eagles talk, a little Super Bowl analysis, taking off his suit jacket on the mock field to do a little demonstration.

McNabb is also scheduled to appear on the 6 p.m. shows Thursday and Friday and do some ESPN Radio work on Friday.

The most newsworthy might be Donovan's comment regarding the future of the Eagles and the organization's affirmation that he is their quarterback. Team president Joe Banner addressed that issue again earlier in the day.

"I look forward to getting back there and getting this thing going," McNabb said. "The draft will be very important for us, free agency will be very important for us to bring some guys in to bring a little more to what we have and there are some [front office] decisions they will have to make our some guys that have been with me throughout the tenure. Will they be back or will they end up making a decision, but I am excited about what we can do next year and hopefully we will find ourselves in this spot playing for a Super Bowl."

Some other thoughts:

On the hiring of his former teammate, Doug Pederson, as an offensive assistant: "He is a very good guy. It’s the first time I’ve heard about it. Congratulations to Doug. I look forward to working with him."

On if seeing Cardinals in Super Bowl still makes “him cringe.": “You give them the credit on the opportunity to make it here [to Tampa], its something Ken Wisenhunt has tried to get into the mindset of players and I am very good friends with a lot of them."

On it being a “wild, rollercoaster type season for the Eagles and the “signature moment he’ll remember”:
“There are a lot of things you could look at you can look at games, plays, players making impact plays, but I think what you saw was a team that just jelled together at the right time, and I think you always want to go into the playoffs when given the opportunity, but the team played really good down the stretch and I think that’s what you want to down going into the playoffs. We came in with a full head of steam and we gave ourselves just that opportunity but we never capitalized.”


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