McNabb, Reid taking some hits

Eagles coach Andy Reid and quarterback Donovan McNabb are taking some hits -- and somewhat unfair hits, by the way -- from national media entities over the last day or so. With so much going on at Lehigh and then Jim Johnson's memorial service, we wanted to catch you up on a few links before practice resumes at training camp.

First, former Philly guy and Delaware quarterback Rich Gannon, who now works as an analyst for Sirius Radio, ranked the quarterbacks in the NFC East. His list:

1. Tony Romo

2. Donovan McNabb

3. Eli Manning

4. Jason Campbell

Here is what Gannon said about McNabb, citing McNabb's workouts in Arizona -- not mentioning that he brings teamates with him -- as a problem.

"Tony Romo ahead of Donovan McNabb, it's by just a hair. I think that Donovan McNabb is a solid player in Philadelphia. I think he certainly gives them the best chance to win. Remarkable run, all those championship games that they've been to. But they haven't gotten over the hump and that's the thing that concerns me a little bit. The other thing is, I'd love to see Donovan McNabb stay in Philadelphia in the offseason and train with that football team. I just have a hard time with a guy who packs up at the end of the season and moves out to Arizona; he lives out there and works out there. I just think, in this day and age, with the amount of money you're talking about and the importance of that offseason program, that I want my quarterback in town in Philadelphia."

He was not necessarily very flattering of Romo, either, talking about how he can finally focus now that he has dumped Jessica Simpson, gotten rid of T.O. and put his golf clubs away. He did say Romo has the "best skills" among the four.

Second, the National Football Post's Michael Lombardi has ranked the worst game managers in the NFL.

Reid comes in fourth on the list, behind Marvin Lewis, St. Louis assistant head coach Dick Curl and Reid disciple Brad Childress.

Here is Lombardi on Reid:

4. Andy Reid: I can’t understand how a coach as smart as Reid, who has won as many games as he has in Philadelphia (107, including playoffs) can manage games with such a carefree attitude. His overtime tie in Cincinnati is legendary in terms of game management. He often had Jim Johnson to bail him out, but now, unfortunately Jim isn’t there, so this might be worth watching.


And we were happy to see that we got some good conversation going yesterday about the biggest concerns you have about the Eagles thus far. The poll and discussion is still ongoing. Feel free to keep at it by clicking here.